Competition rules


The seventh year of the competition part of the International Festival of Choral Art Žilina Voce Magna 2024 will take place from 21. – 23. 6. 2024 in the House of Arts Fatra in Žilina. The exact timetable may be adjusted according to the number of choirs in each category and will be announced after the closing date for registration. The main organizer is the Mixed Choir of Žilina.



The competition is selective and it is organized for:


A) Adult choirs in the categories


• A1 – Mixed choirs

• A2 – Female choirs

• A3 – Male choirs

• A4 – Chamber mixed choirs


B) Youth choirs in the categories


• B1 – Mixed choirs

• B2 – Girls choirs

• B3 – Boys choirs


C) Children’s choirs in the categories


• C1 – Up to 12 years

• C2 – Up to 16 years


D) Vocal ensembles


E) Senior choirs


2. Maximum number of singers

• mixed choirs:                  min. 25 – max. 50 singers

• female, male choirs:        min. 15 – max. 50 singers

• chamber mixed choirs:    min. 12 – max. 24 singers

• secondary school choirs: min. 15 – max. 50 singers

• children’s choirs:             min. 10 – max. 50 singers

• vocal ensembles:              min. 4 – max. 10 singers

• senior choirs:                  min. 15 – max. 50 singers


3. Youth choir may have no more than 25% of its members between 20 – 23 years of age (other members´ year of birth after 2001 inclusive).


4. Singers, members of choirs in category E – senior choirs, must be over 55 years of age.


5. The competition program must contain (for all categories)

• a polyphonic piece from the Renaissance or Baroque period (for categories A and B only, for categories C, D and E the inclusion of such piece is recommended)

• a choral composition by a composer of his/her own nation born after 1970

• other compositions of their own choice


The entire program may include:

– for categories A, B, D, E – max. 5 compositions of 10 – 17 min. of pure music (only one piece may be accompanied by an instrument, the rest must be a capella)

– for category C – max. 7 songs of 7 – 13 min. of pure music (we recommend at least 1 a capella song)

– for category D – the performance must be performed without a conductor and without the use of audio equipment, microphones, etc.


6. The competition is judged by a five members of the international jury.


7. Choirs will be evaluated by a point system (0-100 points) according to the following criteria:

• singing technique and vocal culture

• intonation and rhythm

• expression and style

• selection of the competition program, dramaturgy


8. Based on the jury´s evaluation, the following diplomas and prizes will be awarded:


a) golden diploma     100 – 90 points

silver diploma         89.99 – 80 points

bronze diploma       79.99 – 70 points

honorable mention 69.99 – 60 points


b) The singing ensembles nominated by the jury will compete in the final round for the GRAND PRIX – ABSOLUTE WINNER OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION OF CHORAL ARTS ŽILINA VOCE MAGNA 2024. In this round they must perform two chosen compositions, one of which may be from the competition programme. The Grand Prix winner will be offered to perform as a guest at the festival part of Voce Magna Žilina in October 2024.


c) The most successful choirs will receive financial prizes.


Grand Prix winner (absolute winner): 1000€


category A:

  1. prize – 800€

  2. prize – 400€

  3. prize – 200€

category B:

  1. prize – 500€

  2. prize – 200€

category C:

  1. prize – 500€

  2. prize – 200€

category D:

  1. prize – 200€

category E:

  material prizes


The condition for receiving a financial prize is the award of a gold diploma.


9. Participating choirs must register on the website by 21. 5. 2024 at the latest. By this date they must also send the competition programme with one scanned copy of the sheet music in PDF, a biography and a photo of the choir, as well as an audio recording of at least 1-2 compositions recorded after 2020 in the form of a link to YouTube (registration form on the website).


Registration fee for 2024:


300€ (category A, E)

200€ (category B, C)

100€ (category D)


If the choir registers before 31. 3. 2024 it will receive a 50% discount of the registration fee.

The registration fee must be paid no later than 21. 5. 2024 to the following account number:

SK23 5600 0000 0003 5468 9001. The name of the choir should be included in the message to the recipient. Proof of payment must be attached to the registration form. In case of non-participation of the choir in the competition, the fee will not be refunded.


The costs associated with transport, accommodation and meals for the whole ensemble are borne by each choir. The organizer can arrange (upon written request) accommodation in various accommodation facilities:


Hotel ****   65 – 80€  per night / person

Hotel ***    45 – 60€  per night / person

Hostel       28 – 35 €  per night / person

Dormitory  15 – 20€   per night / person

Accommodation prices are approximate. The organizer can arrange accommodation (except dormitory) near the centre and with 15% discount only in case of reservation and registration for the competition until 31. 3. 2024. After this date the accommodation is without guarantee. The organizing team of the competition has the right to refuse a choir due to an excessive number of participants or inadequate representation in the categories.


prof. Mgr. art. Štefan Sedlický ArtD.

Art Director of the ZVM 2024 competition and festival


Ing. Jozef Mihalčin

Organizational Director of the ZVM 2024 competition and festival


Lucia Petáková

Coordinator of the ZVM 2024 competition


Ing. Peter Troják

Leader of the ZVM 2024 organizing team