Fatra House of Arts

Ján Rufínus Stejskal, a native of Moravia living in Slovakia, built the Grand Bio Universum cinema and theater building between 1919 and 1921. Originally, there were two houses from the 17th century. The Art Nouveau building was designed by engineer Székely for a relatively long time due to several changes in plans. For example, at the request of the city, he had to retreat

The building had a stage and a large hall with two galleries. On the ground floor there was space for 482 spectators, on the first floor there were 100 and on the second floor there was space for 146 visitors. After the building was approved in December 1921, the premiere of the first Slovak feature film “Jánošík” took place here on January 3, 1922. The film was based on a screenplay by J. Žák – Marušiak, directed by J. Siakeľ. T. Pištek played the main role. The film is reconstructed by Ivan Rumanovsky in digital form.

Between 1983 and 1988, the Fatra cinema was renovated for the needs of the State Chamber Orchestra in Žilina. It was founded in 1974 from the original Symphony Orchestra of the city of Žilina (1959 – 1974). Unfortunately, during this reconstruction, they insensitively removed the original historical inscription on the upper facade of the “BIO UNIVERSUM” building. A building for the needs of the orchestra was added to the cinema, and in 1988 a concert organ from the Rieger-Kloss workshop in Krnov was built in the hall. The national artist Ján Cikker (1911 – 1989), who also has his own bust in the lobby on the ground floor, also contributed to the creation of the orchestra.

The Fatra House of Arts also hosts various social and cultural events. In 1997, the Žilina choir erected two memorial plaques on the front of the building, commemorating the premiere of the film Jánošík and the establishment of the State Chamber Orchestra. The House of Art is registered in the Central List of Monuments under number 13729/0.

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